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AstralPool - Wellness - Therapy Zone - Automated Therapy Loungers - Automated Therapy Loungers Equipment
Main characteristics

• Design event bench for the application of physiological, dermatological or cosmetic health treatments and body wraps in Wellness and Thalasso.

• Provides a warm and agreeable sensation of floating on the water surface.

• Relaxation by warmth at a constant temperature by means of water and cover heating.

• Easy application of health treatments by adjustment of the rigidity of the bed.


• Structure of the bed:

• Chassis of coated steel, with adjustable feet to change the height, including design cladding.

• Air core for the pneumatic adjustment of the rigidity of the bed, water core for the relaxation on the water’s surface. Integrated heating elements.

• The surface of the bed is almost wrinkle-free in rigid state, and therefore easy to clean .

• Cover resistant against disinfectants and cleaning agents, grease and oil.


• Integrated micro-processor control with glass control panel.

• Operational elements for height adjustment of the bed, temperature adjustment and adjustment of the therapy duration. Integrated switch box, splash water protected IP X4.

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