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Belzona & Noverox - Belzone Know-How
RPA (Roof Problem Areas)
  • Belzona Know How Application
  • Khia Vol X No 26
  • Khia Vol XII No 3
  • Khia Vol XV No10

  • Reseal loose or damaged masonry parapets.
  • Reseal loose or damaged flashings on roof surfaces.

Anywhere where the roof substrate meets the walls of a building or
where the roof is pierced by a chimney or other penetration you will
normally find a flashing of some kind. Any non-porous flexible material
can be used to form a flashing, however the most common materials used
are lead and bituminous felt. In the case of lead, the flashing is
usually anchored in place by trapping the upper third between the
brickwork and the pointing mastic. This method invariably causes a
problem when the wind catches the flashing, since over a period of time
the pointing is loosened thus allowing rainwater to penetrate the wall
and enter the wall cavity. Felt flashings are usually bonded to the
wall and deteriorate over time due to the effects of UV radiation.

Belzona Solution: By replacing
traditional flashings with a Belzona 3000 Series Flexible Membrane
product all of the above problems can be eliminated since the systems
are unaffected by UV radiation and remain flexible over a wide
temperature range. Experience has shown that Belzona 3111 (Flexible
Membrane) can provide up to 25 years of continuous protection. Other
Belzona Know-How application solutions for flashings include, sealing
around breather vents, creating flashings around window reveals,
resealing flashings around chimneys, sealing bases of roof mounted
machinery, sealing around pipe penetrations, sealing below and around
exhaust vent pipes and sealing electrical/telephone service entry
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